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Patricia Strathearn


Patricia Strathearn Senior Registered Client Associate
Patricia'S STORY
I’m responsible for marketing, client management, and team support at AKD Wealth Partners. With more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, I’ve dedicated my professional journey to meeting the wealth management needs of our valued clients and their families. 

At AKD, I take great care in overseeing all client operations on a daily basis. Whether it’s processing distribution requests or managing new accounts, I’m committed to delivering attentive and personalized service that aligns with each client’s individual financial situation.
What Motivates Me

The foundation of my motivation is rooted in the deep understanding of the positive impact that a well-planned financial strategy can have on the lives of our clients. 

My journey began after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Baruch College in New York City. It took me through respected institutions like MassMutual/Fifth Avenue Financial, Merrill Lynch, and Janney Montgomery Scott, with each experience strengthening my commitment to providing exceptional, personalized service in managing client accounts. Now, as a member of AKD Wealth Partners, our focus on getting to know our clients on a personal level and aligning investment strategies to help them achieve their goals truly resonates with my professional values.

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The foundation of my motivation is rooted in the deep understanding of the positive impact that a well-planned financial strategy can have on the lives of our clients.
Life Outside work

Residing near the heart of New York, with my husband, provides us with the chance to fully immerse ourselves in the city’s lively culture and never-ending discoveries. 

My passion for culinary experiences is evident both in my own kitchen, where I thoroughly enjoy cooking, and in the diverse array of dining options available throughout the city. I take great pleasure in exploring new restaurants and indulging in the wide variety of global cuisines that the city has to offer.
New York’s captivating charm often leads me to enjoy a play, while my love for travel and photography enables me to capture the essence of new destinations and experiences. 

I consider life an adventure. Whether seen through the lens of my camera, or experienced through travel, or shared amidst the laughter of friends and family, it enhances my outlook on life and my ability to understand and serve our clients.

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