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Andrew Ackler Bennett

Financial Advisor

Andrew Acklar Bennett financial advisor
Andrew'S STORy

As a Financial Advisor at AKD Wealth Partners, I am committed to meeting clients wherever they are on their financial journey. I consider my role akin to that of a navigator, guiding clients through the financial seas and assisting them in reaching their long-desired goals. My approach is rooted in education and assistance, aiding and collaborating with investors to craft investment strategies and implement tactics. 

My life as a sailboat racer has honed my ability to adapt to prevailing conditions, and emphasized to me the importance of surrounding oneself with the right people and resources—an ethos I bring to my work at AKD. 

Through rigorous analysis, I continually seek opportunities to bolster our clients’ portfolios. I hold securities registrations — backed by Series 7 and 66 as well as insurance licenses.

What Motivates Me
My motivation stems from the profound understanding that judiciously managed finances have the power to positively transform individual lives and communities. 

This understanding was cultivated during my academic journey at George Washington University, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and Public Policy. The lessons learned there continue to fuel my dedication to not only managing our clients’ financial futures but enabling them to live the lives they’ve envisioned, support the causes close to their hearts, and secure their legacies.
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My father’s passion for classic cars introduced me to the joy and fulfillment that comes from creating a plan and patiently executing it to completion—a lesson that resonates with my professional role at AKD.
Life Outside work

My roots are in Portland, OR.  My minor in Art History enriched my appreciation for creativity and carved out a space for my own artistic endeavors.
My love for sailing began in middle school, eventually leading me to captain my high school team. This love propelled me through the collegiate level, where I was honored to serve as the fleet captain for a nationally ranked team for three years. The experience didn’t just end there; I extended my love for sailing by coaching high school sailors in Portland and Christmas Cove, ME.
Now residing in New York, my journey  continues both on the waters and through the city’s rich cultural tapestry. My leisure time is often spent cycling through the landscapes of the city, exploring its many museums and galleries, and seeking avenues to support the local sailing community. Each adventure, whether on land or sea, enriches my life, giving me fresh perspectives and insights that I carry into my professional realm at AKD Wealth Partners.

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